Conquer the Velodrome

Riding the 50° banking of the Velodrome has never been easier!
Track 101 classes are available daily.

How much does a Track 101 class cost?

Each Track 101 Class is $40 and includes bike rental, plus clip-in cycling shoes and cycling helmet rental plus coaching and track time. Class schedule can be found HERE.

How long is a Track 101 class?

Track 101 is a 1 hour session with a cycling coach which will get you familiar with the bikes, the track, and onto the banking.

Do I need to be a leg-shaving, lycra-clad cyclist in order to do a Track 101?

Absolutely not. As long as you can confidently ride a bike, we can get you on the Velodrome!

Is Track 101 all ages?

Well, mostly. We have riders aged 5-86 years old on the Velodrome. And if you or your child can’t ride a bike yet, we teach people of any age to ride on our outer flat track. Balance Bikes are available for those young enough to walk. Call us at 313-265-6725 to arrange.

I've done Track 101, now what?!

Your roadmap to Track Cycling super-stardom:

I’m hooked! What’s next?

Grab a membership and sign up for a TRACK 201 class!

What types of Memberships do you offer?

The Lexus Velodrome has 2 membership options.

Yearly – $379, does not automatically renew

Monthly – $79, does not automatically renew

We also have a Day Pass for those who would like more flexibility.

Day Pass – $40, includes Bike Rental, helmet, and shoes


Are BIKE RENTALS included in memberships?

Bike Rentals are $5/day with a membership

I’ve passed TRACK 201, now what?

Open riding! We have sessions nearly all day and can usually have Open Riders during many Track 101 times (with Coach approval). 

I want to ride with groups. How do I do that?

Now that you’ve passed our two safety classes (Track 101 & 201), and have gotten experience in Open Riding Sessions, you can start riding in our Structured Training Sessions! Check the details in the boxes below:

Youth: Monday Night – 6pm // Skills & Fun! Parents allowed, other adults: Please see Coach

Adults & Older Youth: Wednesday Night Beginners/C’s – 6:30pm // 40 Lap warm up, 15+mph average, 3 drills, cool down

Wednesday Night B’s – 6:30pm // 40 Lap warm up, 18mph average, 3 drills, cool down

Thursday Night B’s – 6:30pm // 50-70 Lap warm up off track for A Roll Up finish, back up for 30 Lap Roll Up finish, 20mph average, 3 drills, cool down

Wednesday Night Sprints – Time TBD // Program TBD

Thursday Night A’s – 6:30pm // 80-100 Lap warm up, 25+mph average, 3 drills, cool down

Tuesday Night A’s – 6:30pm // 80-100 Lap warm up, 25+mph average, 3 drills, Madison Practice, cool down (Coach approved riders and Elite Juniors Only Please)

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