The racing in Detroit is the best in the Nation

After a nearly 45-year hiatus, the US Madison National Championships are BACK in Detroit for the second year. Joining a long list of National Championships in Road, MTB, BMX, Cyclocross, and Track, the Madison rounds out USA Cycling’s portfolio of Stars-n-Stripes offerings.  

We are incredibly proud to welcome racers from all across the country to the 50-degree banking of the Lexus Velodrome, a track tailor-made for Madison racing. Taking cues from European 6-Day races, the vibe is part-party, part-business, but totally safe and fun, and an experience that is unforgettable for racers and spectators alike. 

The 2022 US Madison National Championships will continue into a new era in track cycling in the United States, with real incentive to devote the time and energy in riders’ pursuits to don the nation’s colors in such an historic discipline of cycling. Through at least 2025, the Lexus Velodrome will host this prestigious event, crowning twenty National Champions across Elite and Junior, and Women’s and Men’s competition.

Race Registration

You have questions - we have answers

What do I need to do to race?

New Madison riders should arrive for Madison training on Thursday, November 10th. Our track is significantly steeper and tighter than your home track. We will have new rider briefing and safety meetings on Thursday and Friday. Stay tuned for rider communications for more info.

What happens if there are a hundred teams?!

We would love to have that many teams but realistically, we’re anticipating enough teams to run qualifying heats in the morning session the day before your National race.

  • 10am Friday Junior Women and Junior Men Qualifying Heats
  • 10am Saturday Elite Women and Elite Men Qualifying Heats

Who is eligible to race in each category?

Eligibility document will be attached above!

Can Juniors or Masters participate in the Elite race?


Gear restrictions?

Juniors 88″ | Elite Unrestricted

Is there any rider support available?

The top 10 Junior Women teams and top 10 Junior Men teams will receive $200 in rider support.

The top 10 Elite Women teams and top 10 Elite Men teams will receive $400 in rider support.

How long are the National Championship races?

15km Junior Women (90 laps)

20km Junior Men (120 laps)

20km Elite Women (120 laps)

30km Elite Men (180 laps)

Will there be races other than the National Championship races?

Yes! We will have a full race program on Friday and Saturday nights plus Sunday’s Exhibition races. Prizes are on offer for these Non-Championship races!

Race Schedule document COMING SOON for info on each night of programming.

Questions? send us a message!

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