1/8th mile flat track

Get your Cardio on! 

Skip the traditional gym with big monthly fees and equipment you don’t use! The ET Oval inside the Lexus Velodrome is the cardio space for you.

Open running, walking, & skating sessions fit your schedule, 7 days per week. And with our convenient Digital Punch Card system, admission is a bargain! 

What is the ET Oval?

The ET Oval is a flat track with four lanes, two for slow speed traffic (running & walking) and two for higher speed traffic (skating).

How long is a lap?

The center of the track is 1/8th of a mile, half the length of a standard outdoor athletic track (1/4th mile) at your neighborhood High School, but significantly longer than indoor tracks found at many city fitness centers (~1/10th mile).

What does entry cost?

The ET Oval utilizes Lexus Velodrome Digital Punch Cards for entry.

1 Punch Card – $5

5 Punch Card – $20 ($4/visit)

10 Punch Card – $30 (Only $3/visit!)

How do I get a Punch Card? Can I just drop-in any day or time of the week?

Please click BOOKING in the top menu or click HERE then select ‘MEMBERSHIPS’ to purchase a Digital Punch Card. We can also set you up with a Punch Card over the phone, or in person. 

BOOKING is also where you will find our daily schedule.

What else is offered on the ET Oval?

The ET Oval also features a weight area included in your session pass. Upon entering the Lexus Velodrome and checking in at the front desk, head straight to the back of the facility and check it out! 

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