Premier european-style track cycling in detroit

A facility unlike any other in the United States, located in the heart of Downtown Detroit. 

Whether you’re into riding, racing, or spectating, the Lexus Velodrome is for you. Built on a unique business structure, there’s no place this side of the Atlantic to catch action like ours. 

Kids are free, always!  

Our focus is on getting more kids on bikes. Bring your kids to the races, enroll them in our Summer Cycling Camps, and get them racing on their own.  

Keep your cycling going year-round in the air conditioned and heated dome. 

The 166m (1/10th mile) banked oval is a wild blend of roller-derby-meets-NASCAR on bicycles with a fixed-gear and NO BRAKES! You have to check it out for yourself. Free Tours daily and very reasonable admission tickets on race nights.

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